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  1. thanks guys, didn't notice 2.60 was lareday there. Did the upload, communication works but still not able to import or create back-ups although in my former directory and path of importing presets. what am I overlooking here ?
  2. Thanks Dave, I guess I updated HX Edit to the latest version (2.52?) ; will re-check
  3. Hi all, I'm an early days line 6 users (gutar port, vetta!! , different PODS etc....) and recently bought the HX Effects to replace my big pedalboard for smaller gigs. I obviously wanted to create a backup of the presets I made so far on my recently bought HX effects (2.50 upgraded). All presets were initially visible in HX edit , but the backup itself failed always failed on part 3 : presets. So just in case, I exported all patches , tried importing etc.. worked .. prior to upgrading all as a first attempt to solve. Upgraded HX effects to latest 2.60 and HX Edit to 2.52 sucessfully., but since then I am unable to load my HXeffects 2.60 prestes into the HX edit 2.52 in order to creat a backup . Following orange error message always appears " failed to get preset names (timeout waiting for a response from device Code -8212"... . different restarts and other usb cables later , no progress. I am thus unable to back up my hours of tweaking . Any advice here ? Thanks , Hans
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