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  1. The Stomp XL is obviously the next evolution of the Helix series. However what about us Variax users? What---no Variax input on the XL?!! The 'hit' on the regular stomp on Variax was that it was too small and not powerful enough for a Variax input. I would have thought the XL would have taken care of that. Beginning to think that Line 6 is forgetting about integrating Variax into future products. Not good, its a great versatile axe that should be part of the Helix evolution.
  2. Have created a bunch of presets on my Stomp. Can I transfer these to the Helix Floorboard? Can't get this to work in Helix Edit (latest 3.0 version) Been using the stomp way more than the floorboard but I would like to take the stomp presets and put them on my floorboard.
  3. They follow each other in the midi programming subpage where you 'list' each midi command. There seems to be no way to put a delay or change the 'timing' between each midi command.
  4. I'm using Helix stomp with snapshots on each of my presets. I have a show control software (VenueMagic AV)that sends out the "Program change" (to select the preset) and then a Controller change (CC69, 0, 1, or 2) to select either snap shot 1, 2 or 3. The problem is that the stomp does not always select the correct snapshot when starting a song with the control software (software plays backing tracks, sends lighting DMX commands and midi out commands to control devices) I have no issues with other midi devices, it always works. (Roland GR55 guitar synth, synth drums, vocal harmonizer) What is going on? Any ideas?
  5. Tried reburning firmware, didn't do a thing......Talked to local certified Line 6 repair facility; they have never heard of this problem. Tech said sounds like a board problem and not the piezo inserts (as I suspected) Could not give an estimate til I bring it in....they have had almost no James Tyler repairs.
  6. I will try redoing the firmware and see what happens if anything. Thanks!
  7. I have been using a GK3 on my JTV89F for about 3 years with no issues. I just trimmed the backside of the rear pickup ring and this gives just enough room to install the pickup. In my case I epoxied the pickup to the edges of the ring to eliminate any movement or shifting. (I have 6 guitars of all types with GK3's installed) Has worked great.
  8. My JTV89F (Floyd Rose Bridge) is acting weird. The high E and B strings do not work on the Tele & Strat modeling settings. However all strings work fine on all the other modeling settings. Don't think I can blame this on a bad piezo insert since the Les Paul and other settings all work on all 6 strings. Checked setting on Workbench and found no anomalies. Transferred standard modeling settings from Workbench to the guitar to make sure all updated but did not change anything. Any help out there?
  9. Seems full MIDI implementation is lacking on this unit. I have not found a way to change the MIDI channel to isolate from other MIDI devices and do channel/patch switching/selection like you can on the Helix/HD500X units. My band uses a backing track software (Venuemagic) that runs backing tracks, light programming, teleprompter and MIDI commands to various devices. Unless I have totally missed it, I can't find any MIDI setup menu on either the unit or the mobile device software. Help me out here Line 6!
  10. All the talk about bluetooth connection to FH1550 is through Ios or Android phones/tablets......can you us MS Surface tablet with th FH1500?
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