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  1. Hi guys, Not sure if this has been posted before, but I've looked accross the forums and I can't see anything, but only slightly related topics. At the moment, I'm running an FBV Mk.II through the RJ45 FBV input a Pod HD Pro X. Pretty simple set up. What I want to do is use an external preamp instead of the built in amps, and also be able to control it at the same time as the Pod. I'm looking at an Engl E570, which has MIDI control capabilities. My question is: Is it possible to use the FBV Mk.II (connected via Ethernet) to change a patch on the Pod HD, while simultaneously sending that signal through the "Midi Thru" of the Pod to a MIDI capable Preamp (Engl E570)? If I program the FBV to send a Program Change message, will it send it to the Pod and the Preamp at the same time? If anyone can answer me this, they'll have my eternal gratitude! :)
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