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  1. rhavin

    Default FX Colors

    For FX block bypass in stomp-mode, there is a setting for "auto-colors". Can I configure them somewhere globally - if not, that would be a nice feature - or do I have to set them up for every preset?
  2. Hi guys, I play a Yamaha 7-String going up from deep F♯ (23Hz) and currently still use a Bass POD xt pro, simply because when I buyed it, it was the best I could get. Unfortunately, it is still not what I want. When my signal runs thru my G90 wireless, I still get uncompromised clean bass. when I run it thru my POD xt pro, even on the D.I.-out the signal is – well, kind of grainy. So, for a bass player, what would be a GOOOOD device capable of delivering full range tone (20Hz - 20kHz) with nice effects like reverb, chorus, flanger, distortion, modern edit capabilities via midi and USB and amp/box - simulation for a budget of max. 1000€?
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