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  1. Words from Line6's Don Boomer on harmony Central - Took a while to find a definitive answer on this as the way its worded on the spec sheet doesn't make it immediately obvious in my estimation by anyway ... All is good with the world ;-) Don Boomer - "The L3t top box has a pair of 10" woofers. A pair of 10s has about 40% more cone area than a single 12" and about 10% less than a single 15". But it gives us a lot more to play with from the DSP side, better power handling (2 voice coils instead of 1) and much better transient response. It also makes it easier to deliver a lot more power to the speakers than your typical "1000W 2-way system. Those systems can supply 500W to their woofer but they only deliver 10-20W to the tweeter from the other 500W amp. We deliver 600+W to each woofer (and 10-20 to the tweeter from a 175W amp). Our system is a true 3-way box as the two woofers play different material. That also allows the little beam-steering trick in backline mode as well as boundary coupling compensation in floor monitor mode." Source http://www.harmonycentral.com/forum/forum/LivePerformanceCategory/acapella-33/367106-/page2
  2. Thanks for the reply guys, the sound is pretty good to my ear its just the source and spread isn't what I was expecting, especially given the guitar mode was modelled from a 2 x 12 cab so was expecting that kinda stereo spread. Siwatts69 funnily enough it sounds like the Low frequency is coming from the bottom 10 inch in the upright position? Anyway thanks for the replies guys.
  3. Hi Guys, Complete noob to L3M Im just wondering if I have a problem with the unit Ive just bought? Everything sounds good for the most part however when Im using the speaker in electric guitar mode I don't have an even out put from the two 10" speakers when its in monitor orientation. I tried bot 1/4inch mono out from helix into L3 combi connection & the XLR mono out from Helix into XLR Line in on L3 I realise this is designed as a smart speaker and the response changes depending on the mode and orientation but would have expected an equal output from the two ten inch speakers? Any thoughts appreciated? Thanks, Trev
  4. GAK.co.uk will have em in start of May
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