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  1. Mate you are absolute legend. That took me two minutes to download and setup. You mate, deserve a beer or non alcoholic beverage of your choosing. :-) Cheers - the kiwi.
  2. HI all, I purchased a helix for the cubase promotion that Line6 are running and I am wondering if someone can advise on how to do the following below. I have the helix connected via USB to my Windows 10 machine and I would like to listen to the wet input channel on either my standard USB speakers or my USB headphones in Cubase. Ultimately, I would like to just record what I hear. So the chain is: Guitar -> Helix -> Computer -> headphones (or other Windows speakers) then have Cubase record that input and I can listen to it at the same time. In Cubase - I have selected Helix ASIO on Input1 / Input2 (and I can see the lovely VU meters respond) on Helix ASIO. So I know it is seeing the guitar input. My outputs are selected as Helix ASIO Output1/Output2 in Cubase. But I hear nothing. If anyone has done this and can save me watching hours of countless YouTube videos. that would be awesome. Andy
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