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  1. Hello everyone. First post here, but I have been following this forum for quite a while. I am extremely happy with my Spider IV 75, but I noticed that the speaker does not move enough air while playing at high volumes. The sound gets a bit muddy and the amp cabinet vibrates a bit too much. I was thinking of connecting the amp to a bigger cabinet (2x12 or 4x12). I know that the direct out doesn't allow for a direct connection to the speakers, so I guess I would need to use a power amp (what about the EHX Magnum 44) and from that going to the cabinet. While this solution should work, I am not willing to spend other 130 euros for a 44W power amp. So, what about replacing the 12" speaker with a cabinet, directly? Can it be done? I am thinking of soldering the two cables connecting to the speaker to a 1/4" jack and from that going into a 8 Ohm cabinet. Did anyone try this? Thanks a lot
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