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  1. Hi - have just acquired an M13 and am struggling somewhat (is there an M13 for Dummies book?!) to set it up, even after reading through the manual. I've seen a great deal about how the distortions needs to go straight into the front end of the amp, but my amp doesn't have an FX loop, so everything goes straight into the foot end. Do I need to somehow configure the M13 to allow for this? Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. mag300

    Mama Mia

    Just upgraded my M13 and wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to use Smart Harmony to replicate the twin guitars on the intro to Mama Mia..... (or the post-solo run into the chorus in Linda Ronstadt's version of 'When will I be Loved')? I have an expression pedal if that would help....! Thanks
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