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  1. I'm getting good results with a cab on a split path, currently using the Woody Blue with the 2x15 Brute and a ratio of just 5 towards the cab, sounding good! But if I run out of blocks or need the split path elsewhere, it will be just amp rather than amp+cab. Line 6 really should have added a mix control on the bass cabs.
  2. I'm mostly using it to create tones that give me inspiration and ideas and record them as at least drafts or demos straight from the Helix. Then if I'm not happy and want more flexibility I may redo the tracks direct + plugins. Just checked the Native pricing and realised it's cheap if I already have the Stomp. May well go for it soon!
  3. Thanks all for the informative replies. Yes, for what I know it's the most common even if mic'ing a cab to mix it with DI, I guess that's for the same issues I'm describing. Would be nice to have an option when using the stock cabs or amps+cabs to mix in direct sound like you can do with IRs, maybe that way I could add just a little bit of that cab air without losing punch and tightness. I'm really trying to avoid using IR's or separate cab models because of the 6 block limit. I'm not using this for live applications, just to record bass in my own tracks I'm producing at home. I guess I'll just be using amps without cabs as default and in the end see if I can improve it in the mix in anyway with cabs...
  4. Hey, new to the forum... Just got an HX Stomp and been testing out all the amp and cab models... I like a few amps, especially the Cali 400 ch2 (the only one I prefer to my Ampeg SCR-DI pedal)... However, if I add cabs to the amp models, (or use the amp+cab block) the whole thing just sounds weird, like unfocused, distant, too spacey, lacking any punch... I don't know if this is supposed to sit better in a mix but it sure doesn't sound better to me playing solo (both with monitors and headphones from the HX, no real amp or cab involved). So... I'm confused. Isn't amp+cab supposed to sound bigger, stronger, etc? How is using a cab model better on bass with the Helix than just using an amp model? I've looked at impulse responses, like 3Sigma's, but I'm guessing I'll just feel the same about those?
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