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  1. Got a chance to pick up one of these second hand for cheap that I am considering, but I have a couple of questions that I'm not sure about: 1. Is the firehawk limited to 3 user changeable FX blocks? i.e. is there no way to have two overdrive pedals, a modulation and a delay all at the time time? 2. Am I right in thinking you can't use the footswitches to make any changes to the amp section? i.e. acting as a fs to change from clean to drive etc - if not I take it you could just copy the whole thing over to another bank and alter it and just use the a/b/c/d switches to effectively act to change the gain level? 3. will this control the model/tuning on a variax 500 or is that model too old now? (sigh, the joys of being left-handed) 4. can you turn the amp/cab block completely off? assuming 4 is correct (im sure you can and i just cant work out on the app how), how do you prefer to use yours/what do you think gets the best sound out of it? with an amp with amp emulation off? headphones? a pa speaker/frfr/other non-coloured audio system? thanks
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