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  1. Have Line 6 shot themselves in the foot? They dangle the carrot by sending us their latest newsletter, which has a review of the Amplifi 30 from Harmony Central, which categorically states that it's USB port is designed to be used for output to PC / MAC for recording! Does that mean that I should be able to plug my Amplifi 75 into my Win PC and start recording on my (Free bundled with another Line6 product) Cubase Lite? If not, why not? Alan.
  2. This is bizzare! I have exactly the same problem, my Ipad mini crashes, all the time when using Mobile Pod, and Mobile Pod seems very unstable, and so I read one or two of the above posts, and tried my Sonic Port VX with other apps, well actually only Garage Band on it's own, without using inter-app and so far it seems to be very stable. So the problem seems to lie with Mobile Pod, so c'mon Line 6, get it sorted! Alan
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