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  1. Figured this out myself answers 1) - Yes 2)- Yes All works perfectly :-)
  2. Hi, been a long time since I looked in here, hoping someone can help: I have had a Toneport UX1 for years (I know it is long since defunct /superceded - but it worked great) along with Gearbox 3 - used it for years and loved it. I now have a new 64 bit pc - I know that gear box is not 64 bit and that pod farm is the replacement but I have a couple of questions: 1) If I were to download the free/trial version of Podfarm 2.5 64bit (and Monkey) - would that have a driver that would allow my Toneport UX1 to work? Or is the Toneport itself 32 bit only? 2) Does podfarm still work as a stand alone software (like my version of Gearbox did) or does it only function as a VST plugin, in other words does it work for just playing along to, without the need for a DAW? I ask these questions because I have just purchased Studio One Artist (which I really like and know how to use) BUT, the version I have does not support plugins. Also, the USB interface supplied with it is pretty low-end (and after using the Toneport all these years I got used to not having issues with latency!) Lastly I really like hearing a processed signal go into the DAW rather than playing dry and using the effects in post (plus the included Ampire is not that great either). I am just a middle aged bloke who does a bit of guitar/music recording for a bit of fun - not making a living out of this and cannot really justify spending £££££'s on kit anyway hoping someone may be able to shed some light for me Thanks Ian
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