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  1. Thanks, i chose 36 anniversary neck and norton bridge. And for a third micro (simple), is it possible to install it on a jtv89F ?
  2. Hello, I play old rocks (beatles, stones, say straits, deep purple, acdc, led zep ...), what pickupss Dimarzio advise you on my JTV89F. Do you think it's possible to place a single microphone in the middle? Thank you for your answers, Pierre
  3. Merci pour votre réponse. Je regarderai lorsque j'aurai récupéré ma guitare. Mais j'espère que le luthier aura réglé le problème.
  4. Thank you for your answers. The guitar is in the luthier. But I will follow your advice. Sorry for my English, I use the Google translator ...
  5. when I play a bit, I have to give even some strings with their wheel but some wheels are now at their peak; and this, one week after the setting of the guitar.
  6. I have a 89F and it was settled by a professional. But the strings do not hold tuning. Did you have the same problem?
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