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  1. mcbeddall - For me, this is probably moot anyway until the fix the patch change issues. But just for poops and giggles: My hopeful typical setup would be (with FH in Line mode)... Guitar-->FH--(1/4")-->FRFR Powered Monitor (behind me...my "virtual amp") | |--(XLR)--->FoH Mixer In this case that I am hoping to be my standard setup, I would want the amp and speaker modeling for both outputs. And yes that will work just fine. No problems there. This is what I don't understand. Let's say I wind up not liking the sound of that setup and decide I want to go into an amp (which, by definition doesn't need amp/speaker modeling and sending a modeled sound to it will sound terrible). Or, the FRFH Powered Monitor dies and I want to use an amp for one night. Or maybe I am playing a show with multiple bands and a guitar amp will be there that I can use so I don't have to lug the powered monitor. In that case, this is what I would like to do... Guitar-->FH--(1/4")-->Amp (non-modeled signal) | |--(XLR)--->FoH Mixer (modeled signal) So, the amp shouldn't have the amp/speaker modeled sound but the FoH Mixer still should. If the FH is still in Amp mode, then the XLR doesn't put out any sound. I can't just tap off of the 1/4" and feed it to the FoH mixer since it is not modeled and then the FoH sound will be bad. If I put the FH in Line mode, then the amp is receiving an already amp/speaker modeled sound and will sound bad (part of the modeling is to roll off top end that historically happens with guitar amps so it will happen twice {once in the modeled sound and once by the actual amp} and will sound really dull {i.e. bad}). Again, seems like a fairly standard configuration that the FH doesn't really support. Or, at least not easily/inuitively. It might be possible to have the modeling on and be in Line mode and try to tap off the mono FX send, but I am not sure if that will work. Would I have to split that signal to feed back into the FH to not break the signal chain (so, one to my amp and one back into the FH FX return). Again, seems to me like this is a setup that would be rather basic. I am pretty sure every other board I looked at (including Line 6 products) has a way to do this easily. Or it might be possible to alter the routing in the board for each patch. But then to change for one night, I would have to go through each preset and change it...and then change them all back at the end of the night. But I don't think the FH has any sophisticated routing options if memory serves anyway. But I wouldn't want to have to do that even if it did. Or, I guess I just have to mic the amp and send that to FoH, but that would be rather disappointing. Again, the button on the back of the DigiTech units do exactly what I want...so I don't think I am asking for something crazy here. With the push of one button and I can go from the upper setup to the lower one. Again, moot due to the patch change issues anyway. But just really boggled by this.
  2. WOW! So if you wanted to use it with the 1/4" going to your amp and the XLR going to a FoH mixer you can't (or at least can't without sending amp modeled sounds to your amp)?!? That seems like a fairly useable, obvious setup which uses the XLR as the DI (with the amp modeling) going to the FoH rather than mic'ing your amp. If you have amp/cab modeling on an fx board seems like not having a setup where you could avoid mic'ing your amp is a gross oversight. I could see if this didn't have amp/cab modeling because then the signal sent to the FoH would sound like butt...but THIS THING HAS AMP/CAB MODELING!!! This is the only board I have ever looked at that doesn't have that setup as an option. Deal breaker for me. Well, that plus the patch change latency that they still haven't seemed to fix. OK, Line 6. You lost me on this one! No sale!!! Sad to say, but DigiTech RP500/RP1000 is way better designed than this thing. One global switch on the back that tells the 1/4" out whether it is going to a mixer (with amp modeling) or amp (no amp modeling). Just tap into the signal before the amp modeling if amp. If not tap in after (and yes you also have to change the 1/4" level to the appropriate instrument/line level but still). The XLR is always modeled. That is a way better design and makes way more sense.
  3. Does the guitar come through the XLR output when in Amp Mode? I am concerned because in the manual it says in the XLR Output Audio row in the Amp Mode column: "Bluetooth streamed playback only". I was thinking of simplifying my rig (I have long used a JTV-69) with this. I am going to a FRFR as my "amp" (really a monitor) so I would most likely be playing in the Line Mode only anyway. My concern was if my FRFR gave up the ghost at a show that I could use a backup amp that we bring, flick the switch from Line Mode to Amp Mode and be on my way. If the guitar doesn't come out of the XLR in Amp mode then I would have to mic it also. Or worse, if I don't really like using FRFR behind me and I want to go back to using my amp, then I would always have to mic it which defeats a portion of what would be simplifying my setup. It is probably a deal breaker for me. So just wondering. Seems like it is crazy to NOT have the guitar go out the XLR in amp mode as a typical setup would be 1/4" to your amp and XLR to FoH. So I don't think it could possibly be THAT stupid...but going by what I am reading it seems like it might be. Thanks!
  4. Has this been fixed in a firmware update?
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