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  1. Tks for you help! I can tone search the tone for example David Guildmore, then I can play the the guitar by The FX-100, David Guildmore sound can use. Also many many tone can. (Hotel California, still got the blues...............) but I can not save it to the Hardware, The Amplfi (FX-100 85) text from the front page of AmplifiRemote is grey colour and it said that ( None ), Bluetooth is connected. LED is solid Blue. I borrow my friend's iPhone, everything is OK. I use another android phone, same problem. I update 2.1 firmware again and do the factory reset, calibate....., still not work by android. My phone : Android 4.2.2 Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  2. I read the manual many times. I use Andoid Mobile Update firmware 2.1 twice, (because Amplifi FX-100 Grey in my Android) Factory Reseted Calibrate the wah/Volume Pedal Bluetooth paired, can listen the tone from cloud by FX-100 Help 1 : AmplifiRemote - Amplifi FX-100 Grey in my Android. Help 2 : How to save the new tone? and can new tone save without android? by FX-100 itself. Please help.
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