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  1. Hey, thanks, everyone. I will try some of the suggestions with Global Settings. Yeah, it's a big pain to make presets without HX edit so hopefully, even if it's a repair it's worth it. I am so addicted to this thing lol. Sorry, it's a Helix LT and is about 1.5 years old.
  2. I'm having some weird issues after the Helix 2.80 update. My joystick is now wonky. I can no longer "push" the joystick in to open the model list when making or editing blocks. I have to use HX Edit or manually turn the joystick to go through every effect or amp I'd like to use. While not mission-critical it's annoying to have to turn the knob for 3 minutes until I get to the amps. Any advice or experience with this issue would be greatly appreciated. And it's not a DSP issue, I've tried it on new/blank presets as well
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