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  1. Actually the cat comments are apropos. My daughter's cat (staying with us) is actually the culprit. The unit was on top of my keyboard under a blanket. The cat slid on the blanket (I am guessing)and the unit got launched over the side. To explain the glass break sensors - as the home alarm was not set at the time, the sensors chirped. For those of you that have these glass sensors and play bass heavy music loud - you probably have experienced this. Finally, Guys, do you have any idea how loud a noise a Helix makes landing on a concrete floor from 3' up? Try it yerself and find out! 😜
  2. I never seem to find time to write reviews, although I gain lots of knowledge from those that do and I thank you very much. Something so amazing happened this last weekend involving my Helix I just had to write this one in. Now you have to understand I baby my Helix, it's expensive, I love it and so I make every effort to protect it. This past weekend my Helix suffered a gut-wrenching 30"-36" drop FACE DOWN onto a concrete floor. I was in the other room and heard a loud crash - so loud it set my glass break detectors off in my house. I arrived to find my beloved Helix face down on the fore-mentioned concrete floor. Needless to say I am sure I stopped breathing and my gut seemed to turn inside out. With a heavy heart I looked the unit over - not a scratch on it. I plugged it in and it worked perfectly. Now I do NOT suggest trying this yourselves; however, I have to give a big HOOAH to the folks at Line 6. THANK YOU for building a piece of kit with this kind of impeccable strength and quality! Best, James
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