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  1. How do you initiate a factory reset on a Line 6 M13 multi-effect pedal?
  2. Is the board in the 700 the same as the board in the 300?
  3. Ok, touching the battery to the connector backwards may have been the cause of the burnt diode. Anybody know where I can get a hold of the diode or a replacement board.
  4. I've used the digital cable several times times with the batteries installed and never had a problem. I use a Line 6 RJ45 cable, never a generic.
  5. 700 electric, I've never used the XPS power wedge.. First I noticed the digital output stopped working through my HD500. I suspected the cable went bad so I continued using the 1/4" output (batteries). A few weeks later the 1/4" output stopped working. That's when I opened the back and noticed the burn.
  6. I get no output from either the digital or 1/4" connections. Upon opening the plate on the back of guitar I noticed a burn spot on the foil of the plate. Looking closely at the circuit board, I noticed what looks like a burned chip. Attached are a few photos. What is the best way to repair this guitar? Would I be able purchase a loaded board to swap out the bad board?
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