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  1. Hello, When i create a tone with "No Amp" and save it in the AMPLIFi 75 then next time I turn it on the 4 lights are flashing as if there was an update problem. My AMPLIFI is the 75w and I have updated with firmware 2.50 and there is no problem of firmware update, everything is running fine. Except if I save a tone that has "No amp", at first this tone is working great, it seem to be saved in the slot I chose from the AMPLIFi iOS application. But as soon as I turn off the AMPLIFi as I said when I turn it back on it will stay forever with 4 flashing lights. The only way to get out of this is to reset the AMPLIFi by keeping Tone+Volume pushed and turning it on. This does reset all the tones to there original values and the AMPLIFi works back again. Is there a workaround or solution to this problem? I really need a "No Amp" setting in order to plug-my guitar with an amp emulation prior to getting into the AMPLIFi. Many thanks for your help I am stuck with this and I bought my AMPLIFi for this purpose of having this "No Amp" capability. Thanks to all of you. Fabrice
  2. I opened a ticket and Line 6 answer is : This is a bug. We do not know it it will be fixed. You found a workaround so that's ok. Many thanks again for your help Triryche.
  3. Super many thanks for your kind help. I sincerely appreciate.
  4. Triryche, My problem is that I did not figure out where I can submit a ticket :-) IF you can tell me that would be great :-)
  5. Hi Triryche, You are right, I saved to A1 and now when I save to another slot the AMPLIFi does boot correctly. Many thanks for your help. Even though I wish Line 6 will fix it because I need to fall on A1 when turning the amp on. This is due to a particular installation I made that prevents to access to the TONE button on the top of the amp. Many thanks again for you help, that's very nice from you and I appreciate.