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  1. Dear dead_zee , there is no way to obtain something Cool playing the pod into the amp. However the pod sounds very good directly to the mixer. I opened This topic some month ago'. Then after trying all solutions,i sent the pod hd500 back to the vendor and i received my money back. For me this topic is closed.
  2. A ) i use the pod 2.0 from the 2001 and i like it, i know very well digital sound. B ) i am kwonwn because i usually squeeze my equipment as a lemon i readed all the manual before buying the pod hd500x... great functions, great reverbs, great delays, great modulations, great synth sound... i believe it is not the same for distortions!
  3. Of Course... I did it, But i didn't like anyway, tryed direct, combo front, combo pwr amp, stack front, stack power amp.....nothing! i tried on mixer and it sounds good, i played into the dt50, it sounds good. but on other amps it sounds very small, too high frequencies, too distorted sounds. so i sent my pod hd500x back to the vendor! nobody is perfect, but please don't say thet the pod hd500x plays good anywhere ! i started play guitar 27 years agò, when i was 13, i had many racks effect, pedals, amps, pedalboards... i'm not a new entry. so i'm not perfect too, but i believe i have a discreet sense of hearing.
  4. Ok friends... I send the pod hd500x back to the vendor! So (for me) the topic is closed unsolved. Goodbye to line6.
  5. ok ... I was just waiting for this! -I think the same of Aggravation: the distortions of line 6 are not very good! -and i think as WaubinHood: HD and AMP can't Work togheter. my amp sounds perfectly with stompboxes into it, but not with the distortions of pod this is true also with my pod 1.0 (upgraded to 2.0) in fact i always used it on a rocktron velocity 120 and 2 rocktron speakers very trasparent power amp, ....but i imagine that with new technology the things could be changed! so i i believe the topic is solved! thank to all of you for the patience (and sorry for my little english) But if someone other of you has some good ideas.... i'm here! :)
  6. tried all distortion models! tooooooo compressed tried all output mode... with clean sounds the studio direct seems to be the right choice, but if i switch on a virtual distortion stomp, i obtain a only fuzzy sounds or ultra gained
  7. i'm sure not overdriving the amp, i use an A/B split, and the volume, the clarity, the sound of the guitar is the same using guitar>amp or guitar>pod>amp (adding +6db into the pod mixer) i tried all, all setup possible, and remember that into mixer or computer it sounds good!
  8. hi edstar1960, of course, i've tryed all the possibility you have wrote. of course the switch is at aMP position... but i tryed all, line position, studio direct, combo front, stack front, combo and stack power amp. but nothing.... just an ultra metal sound... even using the rat (classic distortion) with drive at 50% all distortion simulation sounds ULTRA/BLACK/DEATH METAL!!! and all this, using no amp sim!!!
  9. hi, aggravation, as i wrote before, i used no amp simulation, cab no preamp... i started with the 8 fx block empty and i added 1 distortion pedal at time! sincerely the overdrive are a bit good, but distortion are just artificial. i'm an old user of pod family, i used pod 2.0 for 15 years, flextone II and III. the pod 2.0 somethime sounds very artificial in front on the amp, bt it is create more than 15 years agò! but i will try on a PA floor monitor before re-send it to the vendor
  10. hi all, i used in the past a pod 2.0, m13, flextone II and flextone III. now i boght a new pod hd500x, i connected my headphones and it sounds good! i connected on my DAW and it sounds good! so yesterday i went in my rehearsal room and i connected the pod hd500x into the amp, i create a true bypass sound using an A/B stomp, so the sound of the guitar into the pod getted into the amp was 95% the guitar directly into the amp. (using no simulation no effects, just +5 db on pod mixer.) "ok... i'm starting to goooo " i thinked but when choose the first distortion simulation, i found the worst sound i ever heard. there is no way to play in front of the amp (or power amp) and obtain a good sound. the distortion simlation are very ... very... compressed, too much gained, too much artificial, than using the pod into a mixer/PA system! i tried all the 5 possibility in the system menù, direct, combo fron, combo pwr amp, stack front and stack pwr amp... particularly the combo front and stack front give me a very very poor sound, even adjust the low-hig-mid focus parameters, the clean sounds good, the distortions toooo gained and false. i'm very confused, i'd like to re-send the pod to the shop and give my money back. but i like all the fx features, and the pedalboard functions. Someone of you have this problem? Someone of you have found a way to play it better? please let me know Nico
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