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  1. So I get my hands on a 75 watt chassis with no cabinet. Got it very cheap and was told it "works". Get it home and plug it in and it turns on no problem. Everything lights up fine. I then begin to see a small stream of smoke from the power supply PCB and the unmistakable burning electronic component smell. So my question is, since I've read this PCB can burn out on these amps, can I replace the power supply PCB only or is there most likely another issue. Generally speaking as I know there can probably be 10 other issues causing this as on any amp. Thanks for any help.
  2. Thinking of buying a Line6 head unit to begin playing with a new band. Im trying to decide which amp has the best modeling that Line6 has. Besides the tube amps, Im trying to decide between the Flextone series, Spiders or the HD147. Is any one better than the other. Effects arent that important but the amp modeling is. Maybe someone has compared these and can give me a point in the right direction. Thanks
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