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  1. Update on this - I'm exchanging it. I finally gave up trying to get it to work (I tried a MAC, also 2 different W7 laptpops and a W8 desktop). The good folks at MusiciansFriend are exchanging it. Should get a replacement next week.
  2. Thanks slockrem - I tried re-booting several times. I raised a ticket with support today and uploaded screen shots. Still no resolution.
  3. Thanks for the responses. Monkey sees it just as "Tyler Variax" - doesnt specify which model. When I try to flash it I get : "Tyler Variax update failed" (Code 80009000) Unknown MIDI error. I'll get some screen shots together and raise a ticket with Line6 - really reluctant to return. Feels great, perfect finish/set-up - sounds great on its own without the modelling stuff. Will update this what Line6 say,
  4. I just got a new JTV-89 (Musiciansfriend) and it shows as a JTV059 in HD Workbench ?? Can't apply any patches to it either ? Anyone seen this ? Can it be reflashed ? Thanks guys !
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