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  1. Hey Everyone, I just purchased a Friedman Vintage T guitar which is a Teleclaster style. The G10 transmitter barely fits into the jack as the jack itself it a bit too recessed and it doe not lock in place and falls out with just a slight touch. Anyone else use this with a telecaster style jack and have the same issue? I love my G10 wireless and it works with every other guitar that I own (Les Paul, PRS, 335 etc) but those input jacks are more flush to the body and not recessed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  2. Hey gang - Got my Helix floor about a month ago and simply love it! Looper question.......there is not a lot out there on YouTube. I figured out how to use it which is great. However I want to do something and I am having troubles. Maybe someone here that uses the looper a lot can help. I have the loop block as the last block in my chain and its assigned to a foot switch per the manual. I have a clean amp in front of the loop block and I am able to record a loop no problem. Now, while that "clean" loop is playing back I want to switch presets to a dirty amp with reverb, delay etc....to jam to that clean loop. As soon as I switch presets the loop stops and if I go back the the loop preset the recorded loop is gone. In the manual it says you can switch presets as long as the preset you are switching too also has a loop block and its assigned to a foot switch. I did that but still the same issue. I know it must be something silly I am missing here and again there is very limited info out there on the Helix looper. I guess it's not that popular of a feature or the feature set on the looper is limited so people use a dedicated looper pedal? any help or advice would be appreciated. Thank you!
  3. Hi Group. I am a new Helix Floor owner and love it! I purchased it from Sweetwater and it came with a trial of Helix Native. I downloaded and installed it and it worked the first time I used it in Studio One version 4. The next day I went to use Helix Native and as soon as I try to add it to a track in Studio One it simply freezes the DAW. I shut everything down and tried it again but no difference. I am running a MAc Pro with Serria operating system version 10.12.6. I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it but nothing. I wonder if the trial version is the issue and I am considering simply buying it for $99 but I am afraid that the same issue will result and then it's $99 out the window. :) Anyone else have a similar issue? Thanks in advance
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