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  1. I bought a Kemper profiler 10 years ago & sold my Line 6 UX 2. However listening to the tone of recordings of my playing when I used the UX2 I've decided to I'd like buy another Line 6 product to obtain some of my favourite Line 6 sounds again. Is there any advantage to buying another perhaps more recent line 6 product or will a 2nd hand UX2 off Ebay suffice ? Frankly there's so many Line 6 products I wouldn't know where to start as a choice. Main thing is I want the Pod farm sounds I can get by using the UX2 so I'm not sure what advantage a more recent product would give me. Unless you know otherwise. Thanks
  2. When I use my Line 6 UX2 the input is on tracks 1&2 in Audacity This is because it's direct analogue guitar jack into the UX2 But then I started using a Kemper profiler spdif output into a focus rite sound card In Audacity this results as input to tracks 5&6. One way round this is to take analogue out of the kemper & feed it into my focus rite or I could use the UX2 But I don't want to go digital to analogue then back to digital thus losing a little sound quality Does anyone know if Line 6 make a sound card with spdif in [The UX2 doesn't have spdif in, which is why I bought the focusrite] where the spdif can be mapped to tracks 1&2 in Audacity ? Thanks
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