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  1. I just spoken again to Yamaha Uk and it appears they are only sending 2 units out to the Guitarguitar stores ?????????????? WTF. Spoken to Guitarguitar and they can't say where these 2 are going WTF Yamaha UK are are now saying "hopefully" the end of October, but they have no estimated date as yet ??????????? so my guess is, if they don't know by now then its gonna be a while yet. Anyone else had any luck ??
  2. Update from Yamaha Uk today. The first shipment has left for the dealers today.
  3. Any more news anyone ???? i'm wondering if it's worth calling Yamaha Uk.....................
  4. What a suprise. Doesn't exactly fill you with confidence for Customer support. The big question is ................... What have they been doing with the UK units.............. It now looks like Europe are getting them too, so it looks like UK units are somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle. The least we should expect is a proper explanation, but looks like Yamaha and Line6 remain tight lipped. Thanks guys ...........
  5. Be interesting to hear what happens today then ................ Any news ????
  6. Soooooooooooooo Does anyone actually know why the UK Helix delivery is delayed ???? It appears even Yamaha don't know why and are just saying end of October, we are awaiting the shipment ?????? Are they delivering them on a row boat ???? Maybe the guys at Line6 have more info ???
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