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  1. I actually thought about the versadesk. And I agree that something like that would be a bulky thing almost not worth the convenience. Using a stand is fine until you want to step on buttons, then it's back to the floor... I'm settling in with using Native to modify stuff, and leaving the Helix on the floor. BTW, I just started assigning switches to midi notes on one of my patches, holy wow, triggering sounds and samples can be a lot of fun. Like a poor man's Taurus pedal!
  2. I do use Native to avoid the up and down, but it ties me to a computer and a desk and chair. The idea of a Helix riser is truly silly, but as I was standing up practicing and needing to tweak stuff, I realized it would be so cool to have it rise to my level! lol
  3. OK, hear me out. I'm getting too old to be constantly bending up and down to tweak settings, and I'm not as fast and effective with the "toe dancing" edit mode. So here's what I want: I want a device that raises and lowers the Helix on my command! Probably not necessary at gigs, but at home when I just want to play and edit on the fly, bring my Helix up to waist height or so, let me tweak, save, and then lower back to floor for playing. I know, I know...sad. Peace!
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