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  1. Thanks... That explains a lot. I didn't get a manual when I got it and scrolling through the download, I have to admit I never read the whole thing, only pages about how to set it up and what model is what. The guys replacing the window and frame in the music room are nearly done. I might get to play it again tonight and I'll see how I feel with it plugged in again. Thanks guys...
  2. No, just the usual cables to the AC adaptor and to the amp. When I played it on batteries cabled straight to the amp is when it didn't sound right.
  3. Has anyone else felt like their Variax provided better tones with electrical power instead of batteries? I usually love what my old Variax 500 can do, (Always on AC power), but I played it with batteries for the first time the other day and it sounded weird. Everything seemed tinny and sounded like it had a lot of piezo quack. The batteries were AA size, all brand new. With some work being done in my music room, I haven't gotten back to playing it this week, but I just wondered. Anyone? Thanks...
  4. Never mind... I had to call Line 6 instead of waiting for a reply here. Thanks anyway...
  5. I just bought a Variax 500 on ebay. The previous owner has a lot of customized tones in it and I want to restore the factory tone settings and start over. I connected the guitar to the power supply with the TRS cable. I plugged in the power supply and got a green light. I connected the ethernet cable to the guitar and the other end to the interface. The USB cord from the other side of the interface went to the computer and I got 2 green lights on the interface. When I started Monkey, it didn't offer me anything other than the PODxt... Nothing more. It said it was looking for MIDI devices. I downloaded a new version of Monkey, but I never saw the 500 series mentioned. It said Variax and below that Variax 300/600, so I figured the unnumbered Variax might work. When I opened the new version of Monkey, there was no mention of Variax at all. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks...
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