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  1. thanks tony but its actually the dry signal that im trying to get to the bottom of because i believe if i can figure out what is coloring the dry signal (without and amps,cabs,effects, or signal splits in the chain) then i can inadvertently solve the boxiness that i can still hear with everything loaded on top of it. Can i bring it over to your house for some help, old buddy , im just in sherman
  2. its a fresh empty patch that i build from, but you can definately here it the worst before the amp gets added when its dry, but you can still slightly hear it with the amps and effects, it does seem like the mix is 50% but there no setting for patch mix, atleast i cant find one
  3. ok well i dont use all these similtaneously but its usually a dt25 stack, or qsc k8, or alto ts212, or akg k44 headphones, or usb into mac with altec lansing computer speakers (sounds the best with usb), using monster cables
  4. american standard strat with dimarzio cruiser pickups and an air zone in the bridge
  5. has anyone had this problem , its only halfway apparent , but if you bypass the amp its really sticks out and sounds like a acoustic electric and not like a unaltered guitar signal. Im trying to figure this out because i still partially hear the acousticiness with the amps and cabs going, i also hear it wether im plugged into a guitar amp, frfr monitors, or headphones. I want to get to the bottom of it because its annoying and i feel it takes away from being able to sound like a real tube amp.
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