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  1. I found the wiring diagram, but it's really just the wire outs of the pickups. Not very helpful. It doesn't show where inside the guitar they are connected. I'm going to need something more detailed or try and trace the wires if I'm going to try a swap. Also, this shows it as a 5-conductor pickup. That's new to me.
  2. I upgraded the firmware to 2.23, and the volume difference between magnetics and modeled is much better. I may still tweak it some, but it definitely helped. Palm muting also seems to work better, except on the low E, but that may be partly psychological or a subtle change in my technique. Also figured out that not all Helix patches turn modeling on, so I will check to see if that is a Helix setting causing it. I still think the volume control is not behaving properly. If it should be the same on all JTV guitars, this one definitely behaves differently than my 69. psarkissian, thanks for the detailed reply. Is the bridge humbucker in the 89F the same as the 69? They sound radically different. I was surprised the resistance on the 89F bridge pickup is 6-8k-Ohms, because it seems to be much hotter than that. It's pretty far from the strings and still seems too hot. I might swap it out and see if there is a difference.
  3. Hello, I just got a JTV-89F (refurbished directly from Line6). It is a well-built, solid instrument that plays very well. But as a new owner, have some questions. I've had the JTV-69 since they launched, so the modeling aspects are not new to me. But I've noticed a few things after playing the 89F for a few days that I wanted to ask experienced owners about. The volume control, when used with the magnetic pickups, appears to function like a linear pot rather than a logarithmic pot. I don't get the smooth roll up with increasing gain like the 69. There is an immediate jump in volume at about 3, and anything about 5 sounds the same. Is that the case for this model? Can that be changed? I know this is not your average pot since it controls two things, but... What are the humbucker pickups based on? I'm thinking DiMarzio because they sound very bright and harsh, as well as overly distorted. I'm sure it's a different pickup than the 69, but it's not nearly as pleasing or versatile. I find the tone to be very limiting. Some of the single coil sounds are very nice on a clean patch (as opposed to even a moderate-gain patch). How difficult would it be to change the magnetic pickups? I know people have done it, but the interior of this is a lot more complicated than your average passive pickup guitar. Are the pickup leads soldered or do they use Molex connectors? Are there wiring diagrams anywhere on the web? I am experiencing a couple of quirks related to the Variax part. I am going to check the firmware version tonight and then flash it if it is not up to date. When I switch patches on my Helix, it always turns the modeling "on" whether the patch is set for Variax on or off. Could be a software thing that I need to update, but since I just got this directly from Line6, I will be surprised if it isn't current FW. As I noticed on the 69, palm muting strings with modeling just doesn't work well. Since the 89 is geared towards metal and has all those down-tuning presets, I expected palm muting (which is a big part of rock and metal playing) to work better. I thought I had read that the Shuriken addressed this, so maybe a FW update will help. I am also going to have to turn up the gain levels on the modeling. I remember having to make adjustments on the 69 as well. If I am running both mags and Variax to the Helix with discrete inputs and signal paths for each, the magnetic pickups greatly overpower the modeled sound to the point that you can barely hear them. There's also a noticeable drop-off in volume when I go from mags to modeled on the same signal path and patch. This I think I can handle since I did it before on the 69. I really see this being a useful guitar if I can address a few things! Thanks for your help, folks.
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