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  1. yes, you have to press and hold your finger on an item. Then you can drag them .
  2. If you click on input you will find noise gate.
  3. I contacted my dealer as Line6 supporter suggested. Got a new ios-cable, free of charge, and everything works just fine. :)
  4. Hi guys I own an apple camera connector for lightning. I plugged sonic ports usb cable in the camera connector and connected it to the Ipad. When I had the sonic port lightning cable connected to the sonic port slot, at the same time, it works just fine. So it looks like it is the lightningcable that is defect. If we all have the same problem then Line 6 have a poor fabrication of this cable.
  5. I opened a support ticket and here is line 6 answer: Hi, could be a problem with the connection cable or a defective SonicPort it works here on 9.2.1 so there's no general problem with this update please contact your dealer for a new cable or a change of the device If possible try with another mobile device if it works there
  6. Sonicport vx doesn´t work after latest ios update. Ipad air2 doesn´t recognize it. And yes I have checked all settings on my Ipad.
  7. I use my Samsung Galaxy s6 edge with amplifi 75 Update 2.50.2 - works perfect.
  8. I just updated the amplifi with the newest software....recalibrated the fbv pedal and voila..my exp1 works just fine. Afterwards I tested the amplifi and did a factory reset and the exp1 didn´t work but when I calibrated the fbv everything works just fine again. I am NOT sure I really get what is happening.
  9. I´ve just tried what Triryche suggested but it doesn´t work. 4 leds flash and I have to reset the amplifi.
  10. I have the same problem. I´ve tried with thw fbv control on my pc but I can only get volume on both pedals?But when I remove pc cable it doesn´t work.
  11. I´ve tried to change the 4 presets on amplifi 75 with my own tones so I can use the amp without the app. Every time I power it off/on afterwards the four leds are flashing and I have to reset the amp. At first I thought it was caused by the new firmware update. I rolled it back to previous firmware and same thing happened. Is there something I´ve missed or is it just impossible to change the presets?
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