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  1. I am experimenting with the 4 cable method and my peavey 6505 plus amp. The amp has an effects loop and a footswitch that turns the efx loop on and off. If I leave that on all the time, is there any need to assign a FS to the efx loop of the pod? Any tips or insights would be welcome. not just for this partiular question but regarding the 4 cable method in general
  2. Thank you everyone. I have no doubt it is user error. I just can't pinpoint what I'm doing wrong on certain patches. I know how to assign switches and or the expression pedal, but I have not been able to crack the reason on a couple of them. And I have definitely downloaded all four manuals even printed them out
  3. I just purchased an hd500x. I have to say I like it a lot. However on some of the new patches I'm creating I'm not able to get the volume pedal to function. Why not?
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