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  1. Not Yet, I need to save some $$ hopefully in a few weeks I will be able to order one. At this point I don't want to sell my current amp to help with the purchase
  2. Thanks to everyone, I think I will order the L2M and if all goes well hopefully one day get a second one for a stereo setup
  3. My Peavey is a Classic VTX 2x12 Combo. I would like to think the l2m would do the job, but I am just not sure and there is no music stores around that I could test drive one. So I was hoping that someone was using one in a live setting to give me some direction on either the l2 or the l3. Thanks, I really appreciate everyone input.
  4. Currently I am running the Pod HD500 into the power amp section of my peavey combo 50 watt tube amp. I've been wanting to go FRFR for a while now, so my question is would the L2M be loud enough to replace my amp or would I need the L3M. Thanks
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