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  1. @hal3001 nothing was connected via midi in. I did forget to close all audio based applications when I first did the upgrade. The only midi based app open was Anytune which accepts midi over usb but not midi clock as far as I know. I was also connected to the helix via a powered usb hub. After the initial failure I switched to direct connection to my mac and closed all other apps. @jnysen I must have tried 20 times after the initial failure including restarting my mac but your suggestion of changing USB cable has fixed my problem - many, many thanks! In case it helps others this morning the first time I tried again I had the same problem. I then tried again with a different and shorter USB cable and the upgrade worked first time. The original cable works ok now with the HX app and it works with other devices but it seems it is no good for doing an upgrade. thanks again for the help.
  2. Hi, I tried upgrading my line 6 helix which was on 2.20 to the 2.30 firmware. I followed the instructions, installed HX edit, backed up then used Line6 updater to install firmware. Progress went OK, it started to install the firmware but then failed with "Firmware Update Failed. An error has occurred please try again" on the Line 6 Updater application. I then followed the instructions about the USB and tried again - same problem. I then followed the instructions about button 9+10 and tried again - same problem. I then followed the instructions about button 6+12 and tried again - same problem. I then tried using manually downloaded firmware rather than letting line6 updater download the firmware - same problem. I am using Mac OS X 10.12.6 When I reboot helix now there is ":0" in the top left. Firmware version 2.30 does come up but then it goes in to "Boot Failure. Entered update mode!" Helix is unusable for me now. Does anybody have any ideas how to fix this please? Thanks
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