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  1. Is anyone else having an issue with lag when switching sounds from the footswitches? I've found that ocaasionally, not all the time, I'll switch from, say, foot switch A to D, and there's a perceptible lag between the time the lighted ring switches and the sound changes. I find its especially agregious when I'm paired to an iOS device. Dave
  2. Ok, so here is the final update, hopefully. I loaded the app on my iPad 2 and made sure everything was latest version. After a couple of false starts and hiccups, it started working flawlessly with the iPad! I've been editing and saving away! Just to double check, I re-paired the iPhone and tried again. Same issues. So something about my iPhone 4S makes the app and hardware not interface correctly. It's frustrating in the sense that the phone was gonna be my "on-site" editor. But for now I'm able to work. Maybe a new phone or a software update will make things talk a little better. Thanks for everyone's advice! Dave
  3. Thanks. Its definitely not a distance issue as I'm literally within a foot of the box every time. I tend to agree that it may be a bad flash. Although, its no longer asking me to update the flash. It seems to connect like its going to work. And when I'm connected, it does state that I have version 1.01. My problem is that I've tried to re-do my flash 4 times. Everytime, it takes over 8 hours then fails. This would be my 5th attempt and nothing I've seen says it will work better this time. Trying another iOS device was going to be my next step, although that could be a few days before thats possible. Oh well, I pre-ordered and paid for expedited shipping because I was was hoping to use this at a gig tomorrow. Frustrating that I won't get to :(
  4. OK, I've literally reset, re-installed, re-updated, re-flashed, re-paired, and restarted every device in this chain a dozen times now. Its sort of working now, but I'd still say something in the chain is buggy. I can now get into my presets on the mobile device, but as soon as I go to edit one, it says "Hardware not responding" and the FX100 disappears from the device list. The phone and FX100 never lose Bluetooth connectivity, but the app says that no device is located. So I have to quit the app, restart it, and let the device sync again. Then it starts all over and I lose connectivity again when I go to edit. I'm POSITIVE I have the latest versions of every possible software and firmware. And rebooting, resetting the box, reinstalling the app, re-pairing, etc is not solving the problems. I get the same issues after every evolution of re-doing everything. Day 5 and I've yet to edit a sound on the iOS app...
  5. Update: Dumped the app and re-installed. Did a factory reset on the FX100 and turned off. Forgot the device on Bluetooth. Re-paired the Bluetooth. Plugged both devices in the wall and set them 2 feet apart with no obstructions. On a Wifi network with the router in the same room. Started the update at 9pm and went to bed. Got up at 4am and looked at the update. It was at about 70% done after 7 hours. Got up for good at 7am and checked the update. Its said "Update Failed." However, the app will now recognize and allow me to connect to the FX100. For a while, it was stuck in "Syncing" mode. Finally, after about 5-6 restarts and re-pairings, it finally synced up and showed me the presets. So now my newest issue...after all that, when I can finally see the presets and click on them to edit, the app crashes. I've made sure I'm up-to-date on all versions for everything. Just seems really buggy. Long story short, I've had my FX100 for four days and I've yet to be able to edit or mess with the sounds from the app. I can still play through the pedal without the iOS tether, but I bought the pedal for all the Bluetooth editing capabilities. That's my story. Dave
  6. Just got my FX100 in the mail. My iPhone paired up immediately, but the Amplifi app said that I had to update the software on the FX100 first. Said it might take up to 45 minutes. So I got everything plugged in and started the update. After 4 hours (that's right, 4 hours) the progress bar was at about 65%. At about 75% and 6 hours, it said "update failed". I tried to update again with the same result. And it won't let me access the FX100 from the app. It just says "Please Update" and keeps it grayed out until I can update. This happening to anyone else? Any thoughts? Dave
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