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  1. Hey everyone, I decided to enter the DT50 amp's cc values into my DAW (Reaper). I dial a sound on the amp using DT Edit, then manually input the corresponding cc values in Reaper. The result is that Reaper is able to control all the DT50's parameters, independently of one another. This succeeds in conquering the DT50's inherent limitations of only 8 saved amps, none with independent EQ. However, there are definite problems with this approach: 1. It is not completely accurate. I have to "eyeball" a knob's setting from DT Edit's GUI. For example, if the "drive" knob is around 9 o'clock, I have to guess where between 0-127 that value lies when entering it into Reaper. 2. It is time consuming! This led me to wonder if outgoing data from the DT50 could be captured to provide those value settings automatically. Someone suggested a Sysex dump using Midi Ox. Which leads me to this post. I have been unable to generate a dump from the DT50 to Midi Ox. Does anyone know if the DT50 is even capable of sending such data? Thanks, Lance
  2. Okay, so DT Edit works pretty great, except for the inability to save. I understand the HD 500 is the preferred method of saving. But since I will use the DT50 for recording, I don't wish to purchase HD floorboard hardware. How about a workaround using midi editing software? But I can't even envision how this would work. Currently, I have the DT50 connected to pc via midisport uno 1x1. Would it be possible to transfer DT Edit parameters to the midi edit program, create several saved files this way in the midi edit program, then send info in the opposite direction later to recall different files-settings (info going from midi edit program back to DT Edit). I'm currently taking screenshots of DT Edit, using these later to remember what my settings were. Not sure if any of this makes sense- I need help from greater minds! Thanks, Lance
  3. colonel forbin and ratatats- thank you! These look great and I will check them out!
  4. Hello friends, I am trying to find a pc-based software editor for my DT50 head. The amp is connected to pc (vista) by midi unosport 1x1 cable. Everything is working properly with line 6 monkey- device is recognized, updated, etc. The trouble is, I'm good with line 6 monkey, and then... nothing. I don't see any software (I don't have an HD device). I'm coming from the Pod 2.0, where I always used Line 6 edit to control the device (tweak, save & recall presests) from desktop. This is what I'm hoping to do with the DT50. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Lance
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