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  1. Thank you. I checked out the link and it does what I'm asking and what you stated …. but it said "the downside" is its only edible thru midi and your computer..... I'm thinkin not so much for live and on the fly.... I bought my HD500x used. I'm positive its not been upgraded..... I've never upgraded anything on line....gonna have to check that out and investigate more about DT edit. In the meantime i'll need to start experimenting to find a suitable amp model. Again thank you for your time and effort.
  2. The 4 cable method (4cm) is not for me.... I like the DT25 amp modes (I,II, III and IV, channels A/B, pentode, triode, class) that I create. So is there a way to save those setting? Or is there a DT25 amp model in the modeled amps? I have not seen one anyway.... if not they need one.... thanks in advance
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. I like the DT25 amp sound as a stand alone combo. I had been using the DT25 with individual pedals with a footswitch to switch between A and B on the amp. I then purchased a HD500x board thinking I could use all four of the DT amp modes and effects and not the modeled amps. At the moment I am using L6 link. Seemed like a good idea. Anyway I'll check out the four cable method. (not crazy about more cables tho...) . I haven't seen a "bypass the amp" just an "amp disabled". I'm assuming its the same thing. Thanks and thanks too for being so expeditious....
  4. Gentlemen, I want to use the DT25 combo amp modes and HD500x effects but not the modeled amps in HD500x. If that is possible, how?
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