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  1. sbuie

    Helix freezes

    Never had the issue until today, post updating to 2.0. Followed the directions EXACTLY, including resetting Globals. Happened while editing a patch. Audio was present, interface was frozen.
  2. sbuie

    A bit dodgy

    No offense Jroseberry but...you weren't the only person in the post. Your post also would seem to assume quite a bit (although I'm guessing you meant it as general information (?) which in a situation like this isn't necessarily helpful). So, it could seem like you're defending Line 6 and definitely blaming other things (OS, "3rd party USB" and shared resources). In this specific instance, none of the conditions you noted as probable cause, existed. In this specific case, it is in fact an Intel USB controller (6 Series / C200 Chipset to be specific). Obviously the hub hadn't been powered down as it recognized the unit and installed the drivers with no issue and this was not done on my DAW. I don't use my DAW for anything except recording and I sure as heck don't connect it to the internet and download every utility I need. This also isn't, by any means, an isolated incident, so it's important to look at the possibility that there's simply something wrong with the communication in some Helix units. Or, as Cruisinon indicates, the Line 6 firmware update in general. Having supported so many units, I'm sure you understand that solutions need more than a cookie cutter "it's your 3rd party USB Hub" approach. I'm all about solutions and think Line 6 is a fantastic company but regardless of the cause of these multiple issues, they need to iron out some kinks. ;)
  3. Thank you, Kronda. The nomenclature of "Set List" was throwing me off (and maybe tinkering way too late). While "It works I've done it" is positive and encouraging, it's not particularly helpful :P
  4. sbuie

    A bit dodgy

    You guys defending Line 6 and blaming other stuff is admirable and in spite of last night's frustrations, I'm still a huge Line 6 fan (I still love my Vetta II head, so we go back a ways). You missed one clearly defining point though. When this finally worked, it was with the EXACT same variables, that did not work previously. Clearly not the OS, or the USB port. I'd also add, that my post wasn't completely negative. I stated that aside from this issue, the unit seems terrific and I don't think there's much a reluctance to move to new formats (not sure where that came from but this unit is consistently on back order). The idea that it's okay for companies to release stuff in an unstable manner and full of glitches, is becoming an alarming trend though. There used to be a good QA and Beta (using your customers as Beta testers, as is common these days, doesn't count), processes. Line 6 is a great company with a great name. They should strive to continue that by putting a little extra effort into critical aspects of new products. While I agree that there's no way to anticipate every possible system and the variables, this problem is way too frequent to point the finger, solely in that direction. I'd also add that it was other people's "negative" (or is it matter of fact?), posts that lead me to continue trying this and eventually the resolution to the problem I was having... so... Should a Line 6 employee be reading this and the information is useful, my system is running Windows 7 Pro, 64 Bit, Core i5, 8 GB DDR3, Gigabyte Motherboard and the only other USB peripherals connected were MS KB and Razor mouse. That said, I still want to stress that the same exact variables that failed with the update process, repeatedly are the same exact variables that finally worked. The only variables that mattered there were me being stubborn, not wanting to have the hassle of sending it back and not having anything to lose by trying again at that moment. ;)
  5. Or is it really not possible to save a preset to a blank user slot? Seems I can only save in the sub-group I'm in (Factory 1 to Factory 1, Factory 2 to Factory 2, etc). Hopefully I just missed a step. The users manual isn't helpful at all on this.
  6. sbuie

    A bit dodgy

    Like so many others, I have been patiently waiting for this beautiful thing to come off back order and arrive at my door. And today it did! Now, like so many others, I have had a horribly updating experience. From the word go, this is very poorly implemented. The website gives a link to get the HELIX updater, but the link is bad and takes you right back where you started. Digging through the forums, I found it. I also found the Helix driver. I installed both, per the instructions (it was really straight forward). I then proceeded to update my firmware, as directed in the support area of the site. My unit proceeded to fail the update, throw a little red zero in the top corner and refuse to boot. I tried different USB ports, uninstalling / reinstalling, tried downloading the files and updating locally...nothing... So, I opened a support ticket and refrained from throwing things out of frustration. I started looking around a bit and quickly realized, mine is not an isolated problem. Not by any means. A few people stated that they had to send theirs back, some say the tried different USB ports and it worked, some said they did not hear back from Line 6 support (although I have no idea in what time frame, perhaps they were being impatient). At any rate, out of stubbornness I shut it down, unplugged it, swapped the USB port on the back of my PC and tried again from the auto update of the app. Nothing. Still wouldn't boot. I shut it down and restarted it again, just from being in a daze of thinking that I now had a $1500 paper weight sitting on my desk and...it updated. Doing the exact same thing (same USB port, same procedure, same file). From 1.03. to 1.04.1. It still wouldn't boot though. Same issue. The firmware number had indeed changed. The symptoms had not. So, I restarted and got the 1.04.2 update to go in. It booted! I then did the 1.04.3 update and it worked. Aside from this updating fiasco, it seems like a great unit. It's easy to use, sounds great, looks great and is so flexible. It's a shame that a known issue and poor software coding / firmware updating had to detract from my (and several other's), experience. However, I wanted to post my experience in the hopes that if some other poor soul was about to pull his/her hair out, this might give them some encouragement to keep trying. Of course, then there was the issue of my PC (which has not given me any trouble prior), decided to BSoD on me after installing said software...
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