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  1. I had a 700 before I got the JTV 69. I got closest to a nylon sound by starting with the parlour acoustic model for the smaller body size then playing around with the tone control. A little bit of reverb with the tone rolled off also helps. Sorry, I can't remember the details but half the fun of the Variax is experimenting and seeing what happens. Myk
  2. Hi. Variax Bass 700/705 have never been supported by any version of WorkBench software. I'm guessing that Line 6 thought that giving a bassist 24 models with tone and blend controls would be enough to keep us happy. They didn't even provide the USB connection that comes with Variax guitars. In the past, I've updated the firmware via XT Live. If you are having trouble with individual string volumes, there is a calibration method which I found in Knowledge Base (I think). Let me know if you can't find it and I'll see if I can dig out the notes I made at the time. Myk Just found this link: http://line6.com/support/page/kb/_/guitars/variax-guitars-bass-workbench/variax-troubleshooting-tips-r519 Hope it helps.
  3. The nice folks over at the BassChat forum (they must be nice - they let me join) are getting a bit worked up about John Hall, the CEO of Rickenbacker and his frantic attempts to stamp down hard on companies, organisations, forums etc. who are producing, selling or even talking about unlicenced copies of Ricks, especially 4001/4003 basses. I've done a quick search on this site and only found benign references to Rickenackers and wondered if there are any implications for these models in the Variax / JTV / Bass guitars. I've stated my belief on BC that Line 6 have a long history of dealing with copyright on guitars, amps, cabs and effects but I just thought I would ask if there have been any rumblings. I don't want to start any concerns or anxieties - just asking. Myk
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