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  1. There are two listings for “dent and scratch” Tobacco Sunburst JTV-59’s at Sweetwater. One of the listings includes “V2” in the title, while the other does not. There are four different guitars in each listing. The serial number sequence for both listings appears to be 2017 models. Can someone help me understand the difference if there is one? Is there a firmware, hardware, software, or other compatibility issue that would affect being able to update the non-v2 guitar as needed? Finally, were there any major improvements from the ‘17 serial models to the non-dent and scratch models that have ‘19 serial numbers? I appreciate any insight you can offer.
  2. Line 6 responded back to my support ticket and advised that their in-house units used for testing have them as well. Doesn't really tell me if they were intentional or a production flaw, but at least it seems we are all in the same boat!
  3. Here is a close up of the marks around the foot switches. I would be interested to hear from users who have units without them. That would definitely factor in to whether or not it is worth switching out. Thanks again!
  4. Good Point! I don't miss the plastic!
  5. Thank you for the responses. The best I can tell is that it is unintentional, and pretty sloppy machinist work. It doesn't effect functionality, but I agree that it degrades the appearance of the machine. If this was a guitar it would be selling as "blemished" or "B-stock." I've been a huge fan of Line 6, and am pretty disappointed that this ever made it past quality control - especially if it happened on previous models as well.
  6. Hello, I just purchased an HD500X. I noticed there are numerous hexagonal metal stamp marks around the footswitches and in various other places on the face of the pedal. There are no such marks on the Line 6 promo pictures but I do see the same marks on other units on the web. I was wondering if anyone has asked or answered the question about these marks. I have owned the XT Live and X3 Live and there were no such marks. Thank you.
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