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  1. Well well well, you fricking legend. Never would have thought to check that! I've got LGS running for my G29 Gaming Wheel. I'll exit it and see if I have any more issues!
  2. Thanks for your reply. I'm pretty sure I did update HXEdit to V3 first. I'm a stickler for reading instructions and doing things in the correct order. What I do know for sure is every time I've updated the software on my Helix, it's ALWAYS failed the first time and I've had a restore the thing using the offline updater and then try it again. Any recommendations for steps I can use to remedy this? Is it worth uninstalling all the Line 6 Software and Drivers and starting again?
  3. Hello all, Hoping someone might be able to help! Recently upgraded my Stomp to 3.01 as was recommended by the good people at Line 6. But since then I''ve been getting Windows Bluescreens when recording with Cakewalk. First, the Helix will disconnect from HX Edit. I've then removed and reconnected the USB in order to try and restore the connection, and I then get a Windows Blue Screen Error "pfn_list_corrupt". From the searches I've done it relates to a hardware problem, usually memory so I ran a full memory test on my PC which came back clean. I've not used the Helix to record for a week or so since first seeing the problem. I've just tried to record something this afternoon and it's blue screened on me twice. Any ideas? Are Line 6 aware of this? Does it need another update?
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