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  1. The EMG H4 came in today and took me all of 15 minutes to swap out and it sounds AWESOME! 100% warmer than the stock Line 6 pickup. And all I got from Line 6 is "Luck." thanks. Anyways for peeps wanting to know this sounds amazing, now the guitar is complete! This was the second Shuriken I got because the first one went back with a dead piezo!
  2. Seriously? Thanks... Well I hope it helps someone..
  3. I have one coming tomorrow I am going to give it a shot a report back :O) Looks like its just using the 2 wires and a ground? any input would be great... Thanks for getting back to me... I will post audio files after the swap out. hz_h3_h4_b245_0230-0221rf.pdf
  4. When you say darker do you mean muddy or just an overall EQ darker tone?
  5. What are your thoughts on an EMG H4 Passive? Will be darker, I believe its 13k
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