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  1. Hi there, I have a TonePort UX2 and Yamaha YST-MS50...how can i connect both of them? (at this moment UX2 headphones output into the Yamaha speakers input....< one 3.5mm stereo cable >.....i think it is not a right way... :) ) ....and is that right to mixing/mastering? (UX2+Yamaha YST-MS50) MS50 has: Frequency response........... 32 Hz to 20 kHz (My opinion, normally this system has a very clear and amazing sound...., but I don't know how it working under mixing/mastering.) Should I buy a special monitoring system? (for.e: Genelec, Yamaha HSx, Mackie, etc.) I'm just a hobby/room musician. What's your opinions/experiences? Thanks for your answers.
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