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  1. The adapter was not the proper kind. In other words: Issue resolved, and I am a turd. Thanks folks
  2. I am using such an adapter. I´ll acquire another and see if it makes a difference. And to pfsmith0, to answer your question, no. With speakers and headphones alike, sound only comes through the left.
  3. Yes, but somehow the problem persists.
  4. Oh, and I feel like a turd because I imagine the solution is fairly simple, but here go: I have the guitar running in as the sole input, and have a pair of desktop speakers plugged into the PHONES output of the POD HD500. For some reason I've been unable to decipher, sound only comes from the LEFT speaker and never the RIGHT. The same holds true if I use headphones, so I know it's not a case of faulty speakers. How stupid am I and what don't I know?
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