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  1. Thank you so much for your help. That was very helpful. Thanks for your time to do that. :)
  2. So just to be clear. I can have my EVH Amp connected four cable method in pedal mode AND have monitors also connected and make separate patches for each? I wouldn’t have to completely disconnect my EVH amp to switch over from pedal mode to the monitors and go into Amp/cab/effects mode? Could I do this with the Helix LT? I just ask as it’s a little more budget friendly than the Helix Floor. Thanks for your help btw!
  3. I’ve had the HD500 in the past and really loved it running to monitors. I used it for amp/cab model/effects patches. But I’ve always had a separate amp and pedal board. Currently I have an EVH amp and HX Effects with the 4 cable method. My question... is it possible to run both setups off of one Helix? So in other words if I was in the mood to play through dual monitors a Pink Floyd patch I could just turn on the Helix and go to the specific Banks with those amp/cab/fx patches. OR... If I’m in the mood to play through my EVH amp with banks loaded with patches of effects using the 4 cable method, I could do that. Is this possible? If it is I will sell my HX Effects and purchase a Helix and just run both setups. Thanks in advance. :)
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