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  1. Hi Silverhead, Once more, thank you a lot for your observations and comments. I considered what to do and then called the nearest Line 6 service centre, which happens to be FUZZ IT - LINE 6 SERVICE CENTER in GENT, BELGIUM for folks living in The Netherlands, like myself. The conclusion was: send it in and we'll have a look at it. These people helped me before and their service is great. Obviously I wish I wouldn't have to miss it that long, but ok, I have been running away from this for almost 6 months, working around the problem. It's time now to have it fixed and feel relieved. I'll let you know what the final diagnose is gonna be... Cheers, Hans
  2. Hi everybody! Seems like I still have a problem with my POD HD 500. The strange thing is, that everytime I start it up fresh, it works fine, but after 10 - 20 minutes the problem starts to occur: little intervals in the sound. like very short interruptions, that seem to get more frequent in time after a while. Also, by that time the display starts to act strange; when I change to another bank, the 4 patches that appear to show where you are, before selecting the patch you're looking for, start to flicker on and off and then disappear. Sometimes changing to another patch seems to help, but not for very long. After a while the interruptions in the sound will re-appear. On top of that the POD will start to reboot by itself sometimes. The weird thing is that things are worse after I have it hooked up to Line 6 Edit for a while, via USB. Then the POD really starts to miss-behave. After a number of reboots, over a cou[ple of days things seem to get back to normal, more or less. The problem always comes up after the unit is on for a while! I find that strange. I mean, corrupted software should start to show up right away isn't it? Could it be a hardware problem? Something with the power supply? Anybody has experience with similar defects? Oh, by the way, at the same time these sound interruptions start to show up, the SPDIF output will cut off on some of my patches... I guess I have to start to look for professional help at a Line 6 service centre, cause I've performed a Global Reset several times already. But I decided to post this anyway, cause you never know... Any help or advice is welcome! Hans
  3. Hi Silverhead, I wanted to confirm that things worked out well indeed. Once again, thanks for your help! Hans
  4. Hi Silverhead! Thanks man! I performed the flash re-installation/global reset/pedal calibration and...... The problem's gone! Let's give it one more test tomorrow, to be really sure, but I have a good feeling about it! Left the unit on for two hours after the reset and the issue did not reappear. I'm really happy with this solution. Have a very busy giggin' weekend coming up and then another one after that. I was already puzzled on how to have it repeared on time. I don't have another HD 500 as back up. Only my old X3 Live, but after 2 years that seems to be another world..... Once again, Thanks!!! :) Hans
  5. Hi everybody, I have a problem with my POD HD 500. Today I left it powered on, connected to my internet PC, with the Edit program opened. Recently this (old) PC has some USB port issues. Sometimes the PC does not recognize any gear through this one free port when it has been on for some hours. I suspect a USB power problem. Anyway, after being connected with the power on for a few hours, when I started playing again, I noticed the output sound was no longer smooth and even, but had a sort of interruption, as if there was a delay within the output signal. After a while this interval became faster and more frequent. I hear it most when I play a long note or chord. When I switch off the power, the "hiccup" is gone for a while, but then it comes back. Before I disconnected the USB cable from the POD and switched it on and off it did act weird. Display looked messed up and the device re-booted several times. Switching from one to another preset didn't work. After I disconnected the USB cable, this problem did not occur again, but the strange sound does indeed return after a while. Can it be that the firmware got damaged by the troubled USB port on my PC? Should I reset the POD to the factory initial state? And how does that work again? Or does this sound like a hardware problem? Possibly a power problem? Any help is welcome! Hans
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