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  1. Berserker26

    Let's put the real name to the presets

    Nice one, I took your presets and just pasted the Presets 2 into Sheet 2 of the same file. Going to start using this.
  2. Berserker26

    Custom Tone access when buying 2nd hand

    I went through and put my serial number in, date I purchased it from the original seller and selected 'OTHER USED' It now allows me to use CustomTone. Thanks all.
  3. Berserker26

    Custom Tone access when buying 2nd hand

    Hi All, bought a Helix a week or so ago 2nd hand and trying to use the custom tone download feature. Asks me for a serial number, place of purchase, date of purchase etc... Serial number I can get however I'm not sure of the other 2 and if the previous owner already registered the Helix when he owned it. Is there a way I can access the custom tone feature without this info?