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  1. There are already right handed people slagging it off for the lack of locking tuners and a "cheap" bridge! they really don't know how good they have got it!
  2. Of course the new Yamaha Variax must be available lefty, they're pushing it with the tag line "Now every guitarist can break the rules" I just want to know what colours are available lefty, Well done Line 6 for leading the line against discrimination. We live in a world where (quite rightly) every building has to have disabled access when maybe 1 in 250 will need that access, now admittedly the percentage of left handed guitarists is far far higher than that, but even so Line 6 should be applauded for being inclusive unlike many other companies who couldn't care less about left handed people and would quietly prefer they didn't exist (imagine an architect wishing disabled people didn't exist) So I extend a huge thank you from all the lefties who thought you had forgotten them, Just when lefties think they're of no value, an "annoying bad smell that won't go away" if you like Line 6 come up with a heart warming "Now every guitarist can break the rules" Bravo (...yeah right!)
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