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  1. It would be great if you could route the wireless to output A and Route the Aux-in to output B. This way you could use the G70 as a pedal loop. Kind regards AAEN
  2. Thanks for the answer. That was what I was afraid. Any plans on making a transmitter for the purpose? Kind regards Bendt Aaen
  3. Seems I got the wrong Pack. Possibly my mistake……... :wub: Buying the right one solved it Thanks for helping Bendt
  4. Just tried on my MAC - Same. But I noticed in the License manager under the Add-ons window:' Note: POD Farm 2 and model pack- add ons require POD Farm 2,5 or later installed…….. Do I need to install this. Or did I get a wrong Amp Pack? Will look at Glen Delaunes video one more time Kind regards Bendt Aaen
  5. Hi I think that the problem lies in the License-manager or the Cab-pack itself. The Vintage cab-pack appears under my authorized computer NOT under my Authorized HD500x. I have tried to attach a Picture of that - No luck Kind regards Bendt Aaen
  6. Hi thanks for getting back to me. Yes I (of course) turned the power of and back on Again :-) Resetting the global parameters didnt help. Kind regards Bendt Aaen
  7. Hi I purchased the vintage amp pack a couple of weeks ago. Due to a busy Schedule I hav just now gotten around to installing this. I followed all the instructions. Updated drivers and software with the Monkey. (I can see the clobal eq) with License manager I authorized my computer. I can now see the Vintage amp pack in the License manager. I then Authorized my HD500x And clicked INSTALL. The dialog box "recycle power...." appears. BUT no Vintage Amp pack to be seen either in the Licensemanager or on the HD500x itself - (Standard model set - under Amp pack) I tried to unauthorize my HD500x and authorize Again - no success Please advice - Thanks Kind regards Bendt Aaen
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