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  1. 412 MAR-CB
  2. The Ownhammer Marshall IRs lifted my Helix from -yeah to -OMG! May the best spent 15$ ever.
  3. Well as the topic title might say, I'm more than happy with my Helix, especially after some tweaking and IR-upgrade. That made it! I've been playing guitar for many many years and had a lot of gear, and spent i fortune on different set-ups. I've had hot-rodded Plexies (Tommy Folkesson), Blackstar and all rack gear you can think of. I remember my first POD. It had the same problem as with the Helix at first try, the presets stinks in earphones... Big time. But as almost everything you gotta give it a try and some hours, then it shines. I actually toured 5 years happy with my POD after buying some expansions and spent some hours of twekeing. Many times people from the audience came to me after gig asking what gear I used. When I showed my POD they thought I lied ;-) Naaaa, it sounds like a 5.000$ amp... Hahaha. Whatever, that's many years ago. Well I've been a purist, owned a lot of different all-tube amps/racks and fine cabs. Breaking my back (and car) when transporting it. But here I am all happy with my new Helix. It's amazing! At the first I didn't get that hot-rodded old Marshall sound I love so much... But after some manual reading and tweakin' I was pretty close, still the sound was a little hard and harsh. So I started browsing the net for IR. I had some good experiences with custom IR in a Torpedo some years ago. So I finally found OwnHammer and last night I bought their "412 MAR-CB" (15$). Loaded it up to my Helix and WOW! That changed the Helix from good to the best. So Line6, thanks for bringing me something I will keep for many years, hoping you will keep supporting and make it even better thru firmware updates aso. What you got here is a Axe-fx/Kemper killer, a great platform to deliver one of the best modeled guitar tones ever.
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