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  1. I have the same problem. Here's what I found: When the source is set to "Instrument" on input 1 & 2, the signal is routed internally to two ADC channels at different gains. If the signal is close to full scale on the high gain channel, it switches to the lower gain one & compensates somewhat (there is some hysteresis to prevent the unit from constantly switching back and forth between channels). I have no idea what this design is trying to accomplish - increase the "perceived" dynamic range? With time, the coupling capacitors will degrade eventually (doesn't help that there's a hot running voltage reg right next to these caps) As these caps degrade, the gains will no longer match, so the switching becomes very noticeable I had to replace all the coupling caps after ~6 years of continuous operation. Having it done by a tech may not be worth the expense, though I pretty much gave up on the instrument inputs however (The impedance onfthe line inputs is close to that of most effect pedal anyways) Mp
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